Foot in the Sink

Foot in the what??
September 20, 2006, 10:43 am
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So why foot in the sink?

I consider my being a Muslim-American to be a big party of my identity, and to me a foot in the sink epitomizes what it means to be a Muslim-American: The act of stopping in the middle of the day, (whether you’re outside hanging out or at work or anything else a typical person (read: American) would be doing) going to the closest public restroom and performing wudu (ablution) thus adhering to the commandments set forth by God Almighty is part of this notion. The other is the bold, brave and very strange act of putting one’s bare foot in the restroom as part of the last step of the wudu that is always met with nervous and apprehensive behavior, no matter where the restroom or who the person may be. This, I believe sums up with it means to be an American-Muslim. Boldness and courageousness are traits that most ordinary Muslim-American need to show on a daily basis in the face of ignorance and fear (now matter how slight) towards both non-Muslims and (ironically enough) their fellow Muslims. Despite the fact that they are (naturally) nervous they are still firm and sure of their actions. Regardless of who is looking or what may be said or thought, they know that the placing of the foot in the sink is imperative for the completion of their wudu and thus the validy of their ‘ibadat. So too do many Muslim-Americans carry on their lives in this respect. There’s a lot more that can be said, but I’m afraid I may have already confused you enough, so I’ll end here.


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Comment by haseeb

What if your foot does not reach the sink? Can you still be an American Muslim?

Comment by Charles Barkeley

you’re a jerk Charles Barkeley

Comment by Khaled

Well, I pray to Allah, the Most Powerful, to keep you and us all in the clean right and straight path, and provide us with water to keep our feet in the sink aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way… Amen.

with much respect,

Comment by sara


I use the showers in the locker room for wudhu (where available). I guess the foot in the sink is the hallmark of the American Muslim. Nicely summed up. Funny too.

Comment by sunnilink

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